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American Youth Soccer Organization Providing world class youth soccer programs that enrich children's lives.

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We are a soccer organization, a community, a lifestyle, a family, an adventure, a learning experience, a place to make memories, and a season of exciting and busy Saturdays, all wrapped up in color-coordinated jerseys and cleats. 

Give your child the opportunity to play soccer and learn about life, sportsmanship, and the fun of competition and physical activity with a soccer program that has been kicking around since 1964.

Support Your child
You can support your soccer player by providing proper equipment including clothes, shoes and water, for practices and game.

Each player must be dressed as follows for each game:
A. *Jersey tucked into shorts. (Please take care of it by washing, it in warm water and 
drying it in a warm, NOT HOT, dryer. Do not iron it. Do not add or alter it other than sizing.
B. *Shorts (uniforms are to be worn for games, not practice).
C. Shin guards are mandatory (practice and games).
D. Soccer shoes (low-sided “football” shoes with rubber or plastic molded cleats) or 
sneakers. Metal cleats are not permitted.
E. *Socks pulled up over shin guards.
F. Mouth pieces are strongly recommended for players wearing braces.
G. Eyeglass restraining straps are required.
* These items are supplied for each player by the league.
The players cannot wear bracelets, earrings (please ask child to wait till after the season to 
get ears pierced), wrist watches, barrettes or any other such objects including a cast or 
splint which could cause injury to themselves or another player. The referee will check 
players before each game.

Your child should be encouraged to practice with a ball of the size appropriate to their age. 
Ages 5 to 7, a size “3”. Ages 8 to 11, a size “4”. Ages 12 and over, a size “5”.

Everyone working for AYSO Region 80 is a volunteer. Coaches, referees, team parents, and all Region leadership give their time and energy to the kids free of charge.

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